The Roles

What we’re looking for

We are looking to appoint leaders in the field of cancer research. You will have an emerging or established track record in high quality research with a publication and funding pipeline to match.

We are keen to receive applications from pre-professorial candidates on a steep upward trajectory who would benefit from the support, infrastructure and patient population we can offer in Sheffield.

Previous successful candidates benefited from the close relationship between the university and NHS, the geographic potential of Sheffield, the facilities with the University and the large patient population we serve.,

What we offer

Successful candidates will be appointed at a senior university (clinical or non-clinical) level. They will have a generous package to support their research during the tenure of this post, which include relocation costs, research consumables and staff. Non- clinical researchers will be matched to university departments and will undertake cancer research within their areas of expertise.

Our expectations

Our expectations are to build your career, enhance your research profile and make you an international leader within your area of expertise. You will be able to apply for University of Sheffield dedicated cancer research funding to build your team. We expect you to obtain competitive funding from national bodies, such as the Medical Research Council (MRC) and the National Institute for Health & Care Research (NIHR), from Europe and, if relevant, to work with industry). Within the University you will have mentoring roles for undergraduates, very limited teaching roles and will be encouraged to build managerial expertise as your time your allows.

Clinical appointments will be shared between the University and the NHS. Your job plan will be developed in partnership, with the Medical Director and Clinical Director for your service representing Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and the relevant head of department representing the School of Medicine and Population Health.

If your expertise is in one of the following areas then we are particularly interested in speaking to you:


    either a medical, clinical or surgical oncologist


    either a medical, clinical or surgical oncologist

    Surgical oncology

    either a thoracic, gastrointestinal or genitourinary (inc. urological) surgeon

    Academic oncology

    with expertise in either medical or clinical oncology for common cancers

    GP with special interest in oncology

    particularly around lung, urology, GI tract


    with a cancer focus

    Cancer research trials

    with either early or late phase expertise in cancer research